Santa Jerod -The Storytelling Santa

Santa Jerod's Storytelling Background

Santa Jerod has a background in storytelling and public speaking dating back over 25 years.  He has shared hundreds of stories with both small groups, of only a few, and large groups, of as many as 3,000 people.  

Some of the original stories that Santa Jerod has created include titles such as:
  • Santa's Salami Sandwich & The Magic Key 
  • The Great Denver Sleigh Debacle of 1975
  • Dancer's Famous Spaghetti and Meatballs 
  • Little Lost Penguin of the North Slope 
  • Henry's Funny Sneezing Stegosaurus Named Spike
  • Mrs. Claus' Christmas Cookie Fiasco 
  • The Night the North Star Didn't Shine 
  • The Backwards Candy Cane Conundrum
  • The Boy Who Thought He Was Too Old to Believe in Santa

Some of the courses that Santa Jerod has competed and certifications that he has received include:
  • Rhetoric and Proclamation 
  • Introductory Storytelling 
  • Storytelling Fundamentals
  • Liturgical Storytelling 
  • The Storytellers Art 
  • Advanced Storytelling 
  • Storytelling Masterclass
Did you know that humans have been telling stories for over 36,000 years, and they have been writing for only about 5,000 years?