Santa Jerod is phenomenal! By far, the best Santa my organizations has ever had the pleasure of having. Service was top tier and very professional! Prompt arrival time, great attitude, interactive with the children AND the adults lol. We had a wonderful experience. His visit exceeded our expectations TREMENDOUSLY and we will be booking him again for 2023 without a shadow of a doubt!! I would hire Santa Jerod for a family event or company event, words cant express how amazing he made this day for us! 
Santa Jerod was amazing with our daughter!  She loved meeting Santa.  He exceeded our expectations with how in character he was during our visit.  He was funny, approachable, and very patient.  We will be recommending him to anyone we know who wants to meet/work with Santa.
Santa Jerod is wonderful! He is so patient with all the kids during the photoshoot and flexible with the timing. You will not regret working with him. My clients all adored Santa Jerod and he made my job as photographer super easy! Thank you so much!
Best Santa around!!!! He was so friendly to everyone, not only does he look like he came straight from the North Pole, but he made sure he interacted with EVERY child, even if they wanted to have a long conversation with him. Santa Jerod might actually be the REAL Santa.
We couldn't have been happier with the services provided! Not only did he look the part, but his joy was infectious and all the kids and parents enjoyed the event. He was great with the kids and even made the shy ones feel comfortable and involved. He read The Night Before Christmas and we did the Rudolph Hokey Pokey. He will now be our company's yearly Santa from this point forward!

Everything was just like a dream! The way he entered, everyone’s jaw dropped!!!! It was such an organized and lovely service, would do it again and again… Really highly recommend it!!!

Santa Jerod is the best! He was very professional and definitely takes his role seriously. We had him out to our HOA Christmas Market and he was a hit! Making his grand entrance on our local Firetruck, he sat under our pavilion for 3 hours talking and taking pictures with the kiddos. He probably saw over 150 children throughout his time. He judged our ugly Christmas sweater contest, watched our neighborhood dance group perform their routine, and read a story to the kids. At the end of our event he rode out in his sleigh with his mailbox full of letters to Santa. He truly made our event amazing! I highly recommend Santa Jerod, we will be using him for our 2022 Christmas event. He is worth every penny. My kids personally were so very happy! Keep up the good work! One of the best I’ve ever seen.

We used Santa Jerod for our neighborhood HOA "Cookies with Santa" event December 5, 2021. He was fantastic, he even brought along his own green throne, to make for perfect pictures. We had maybe 40-60 kids and adults there. He was very engaging with all. He didn't just sit there and wait for kids to come up to say hi. When there was downtime, he would go to the tables where kids were doing crafts, and talk to them about the craft or other "Santa stuff" We were delighted with him, and he had even brought along his own little elf to help assist the younger ones that might be afraid of the Jolly Santa. We had his visit arranged for 2 hours, and it was perfect for the group. I will definitely plan on using him next year when we have our next Christmas Party!
Santa Jerod is amazing! He was professional and very attentive to each and every child we had at our event.
Santa Jerod visited our Germantown HELP Thanksgiving food distribution to hundreds of families. For three hours, he helped out, chatted with everyone waiting in their cars, and was an absolute hit. The kids were hanging out of car windows to watch him, and the adults burst into smiles. Santa Jerod's not just a lap - he's a great bilingual entertainer, too!

Santa Jerod is amazing! He really brought the Christmas MAGIC for the children at our community event. Everything about him is pure LOVE & JOY. I highly recommend him. Just book very early because he's a busy man, in high demand!

Santa Jerod visited with 10 students at Art Cart Kids Enrichment Studio last Sunday. The kids were in awe! The parents were amazed. He was wonderful with the kids telling stories, answering questions, and just listening to what the kids had to say. The number of photos each parent took with just their child is easily a dozen. I'd give him 5 stars but 5 are way too few. I highly recommend Santa Jerod.